Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why I Booked an Eye Appointment

Appointments make me anxious. I often avoid booking them, if I can. I get nervous about being critiqued and also hearing bad news. I mean, the whole experience  in 2009 of being at an appointment alone, hearing I have diabetes has given me some dread of hearing what professionals have to say.  I have had many appointments with specialist (my whole hives issue for many years) and all had a different opinions and  some scary ones too. So, let's just say unless it's mandated, I avoid appointments.

So, the whole eye doctor appointment was not in my to-do list. I guess I should say it kind of was, but I was pretending it wasn't. I should go to the eye doctor once a year, just as a precaution to make sure my eyes are in good health. It has been just over a year and I have avoided the eye doctor. Why? Because of course I'm anxious about it. I am anxious about doing the tests, I am anxious about the stupid eye drops that burn, and I am anxious about hearing bad news.

I have worn glasses since grade 7, so about 14 years ago. It started off for seeing far away, like the black board etc. Then of course it got worse and now I wear glasses all the time, well I should say contacts. I wear contacts all the time.   So vision issues have been my thing for awhile and I am pretty dependent on them, my perscriptjon is 5.50. So without my glasses/contacts I am pretty much seeing blurred colours. But other than that, I have not noticed any issues with my eyes.

However, my fear is that something worse will be wrong with my eyes and so I just avoided making the call to the optometrist. BUT, after talking to a friend who has had diabetes for awhile now and is having issues with her eyes and taking preventative medicine for it, I started to ask myself: "would you rather help prevent issues now? Or wait until it is too late?" And that is when I picked up the phone and made the call for an appointment, which is next week.

Sometimes things are hard to do but once they're done, it's a relief. While going to this appointment is going to make me anxious, I know that avoiding going is much worse.


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