Thursday, July 21, 2016

Blood Work

Part of diabetes is getting blood work. And, I'll be honest. I suck at getting blood work done. It's not that I am anxious about getting it done, but more so the fact of actually making the time to get it done. I have good intentions, I want to know my a1c just as much as my doctor does, however almost always I am scrambling at the last minute to get blood work done before my appointment. This time I sort of messed up, as my blood work sheet was good for 4 months. Basically I was supposed to go three times and I went once. Opps!

Now, besides actually physically showing up for blood work, I do get anxious about the actual result, not the needles. Getting blood work is basically like taking off your spanx. (I don't actually wear spanx but it seems like a good analogy). When you get blood work, you are exposing it all. Doctors, nurses and of course you, see what really is going on. Like spanx hide the imperfections, once it's off, it's all there, by "its" I mean your body, and all the things you try to hide or smooth over.    Getting your a1c checked shows all those little bumps... The only thing in your favour with your a1c is that if you're prone to lots of lows it can skew the results - I've heard.   I doubt that will be an issue for me.

Then there is the waiting game. The blood clinic I go to has online results posted within 24 hours. So I can basically be my own doctor and judge myself within 24 hours. I used to have to call my family doctor to find out the results inwhich they would always tell me I have diabetes. Which would come by total shock, me? Diabetes? No way.  Now, I avoid that awkward, "I already have diabetes" conversation behind and check in the comfort of my own house.

My endo is very easy going, I assume it is because I am a pretty competent, and compliant patient. Besides the getting regular blood work part, but hey, we can't all be perfect.  I don't feel as nervous going to her, to go over my results and get advice, but I know a lot of people that do get anxious and it's really unfortunate. As a person with diabetes you're constantly under pressure. If it isn't from a third party it is from yourself.

So, for now, I wait until the lab posts my results online.  I am hoping for a decent number but my guess is as good as yours.


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