Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Save Time

I have been using CGM on and off for awhile now. I must admit, the CGM has changed my diabetes game.  For those that aren't familiar with CGM it stands for, 'continuous glucose monitoring' and basically it is a separate site that reads the intertissual fluid to give you a glucose reading on your insulin pump. Pretty fascinating and technical.

I find that when I am wearing my CGM, my blood sugar control is 10x better because I can actually see what is going on.  Whereas, if I have to take out my meter and check, I am only seeing snapshots, that being said, most times I do not even want to take out my meter and check.  That is what leads me to saying, CGM has saved me so much time.

Diabetes takes a lot of time, and even though it's in increments of minutes, it adds up. So being able to quickly check how my blood sugar is doing saves me...not only that, but knowing where my blood sugar is headed also saves me time from having to stop what I am doing, I can catch lows before they even happen.

This is an exciting time to live with diabetes because of all of these medical advancements.  It's amazing to see how far we have come in really, a short time.  Anything that saves me time and efforts, I am all for.



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