Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Diabetes Advocate Forum 2016

Last week I attended the Diabetes Advocate Forum hosted by Medtronic Diabetes in sunny California.  It was a great experience to be included in a group of some talented and experienced diabetics/caregivers.   This year was the first year Medtronic Diabetes brought Canadian advocates, as well as American and Latin American advocates.

My take home from the experience was that there is a lot of exciting development in technology in the diabetes realm. I kept thinking how exciting of a time it is for those living with diabetes. We learned that Medtronic has a great partnership with IBM Watson which could lead to many amazing future advancements, fingers crossed.  I am not much of a techy person, but any technological advancement that makes my diabetes easier, I am on board. For more information: IBM Watson & Medtronic  It was interesting to take a walk through the Medtronic Museum and see the evolution of diabetes from a time of taste tasting urine, to a time where we can wear a tiny device to check our blood sugar for us.   Amazing.

I also felt that the advocate forum was very eye opening to the fact that we are all looking for a better life with diabetes.  It's not the diabetics and their caregivers fighting alone, but corporations like Medtronic really are listening.   It was so great to meet the people of Medtronic, from corporate to the  mechanical engineers who work in the plant making the products.  It gives me an appreciation for my pump and sensor in a way I don't think I would have felt before.  I see the work that is put into making my sensor and the work that goes into reaching out to those with insulin pumps from a corporate level and I can appreciate their efforts.

I think the important thing about the advocate forum is that we all were there, and able to share our ideas, stories and questions.  It's so important that we all work as a team, no matter what the belief is, no matter what product you use or choose not to use. I want a system that will make my life easier with diabetes, and I want that for everyone.


*** Disclaimer:  Medtronic Diabetes paid for my travel, accommodations and food for this one day forum event. All views expressed are my own ***