Saturday, February 14, 2015

Action Plan

NYC December 2014
As I get older I have realized how fast time goes. I remember hearing adults say it all the time as a kid, but never really comprehended it.   Now, looking back, I think it is safe to say that twenty-four hours isn't a lot of hours and thirty days goes by fast.   I try really hard not to wish days away. I think it's different to look forward to a date such as the day my vacation begins or the day the weather gets warmer in Ontario. But, overall, I try to appreciate each day that I am given because we truly won't get that day back.

I have found that my 'fit challenge' that I have been participating in has been a great way to love every single day a bit more.  Reason being, is that I always wake up ready for the challenge. I want to do well and I want to succeed.  I love writing in my food journal (I can't believe I have actually been writing in it for forty days, and hope to continue after I get back from my vacation.  I love going to the gym (who am I?!) and I enjoy watching the process of becoming more fit.

The biggest thing I am learning day to day is that we have to pick things in life we love to do.  We can't waste time doing something we dread. Somethings yes, we have to do despite not liking it, i.e paying bills, going to appointments or making beds...(I hate making beds).  But, there are big things in life that some of us do because we think we are supposed to do them or we think it's the right thing to do, when in reality we don't have to push ourselves into any box that we don't feel comfortable being in. For example, a lot of people get married and have kids right away, because they feel that that is the next step, but who says we have to get married? Who says we have to have kids right away or at all? Don't let anyone determine your life path but yourself.

M and I recently made a list of things that we want to do, more specifically places that we want to see.  While we are both climbing up in our late twenties (more so him than me...) we have things that we want to accomplish.  We have goals that we want to meet. I think this is so important for overall happiness. To honestly make the most out of each day and not create a list of things you want to do, but actually do them. M is a good match for me because he has the same mentality as me, when I wanted to go to NYC at Christmas because it was on my 'bucket list' he was down to join me.  Likewise, I am willing to help him get the most our of his days.

Time goes by fast and we have to recognize that the more we spend thinking about what we want to do instead of actually doing it - the less time we have to do it. So, on this day of love, start an action plan, what do you want to do? and when will your start to do it?


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