Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weight Loss

So, it's not impossible to lose weight with type one diabetes because I did it.  I had an endocrinologist appointment this afternoon and after the nurse weighed me she smiled and said, 'You've lost a lot of weight!' out of excitement I asked how much - already sort of knowing how much but wanting to hear it out loud 'Ten Pounds!' This sort of set the mood for the rest of the appointment as I beamed with accomplishment ready to take on this appointment that wasn't bad at all.

Honestly, there is nothing magical happening with my weight loss. Maybe it would come off faster if I didn't have diabetes - I don't know. However, I am working my butt off - I have been attending the gym every single day and eating healthy. I am excited to continue this path way and ultimately climb the mountain!

I know that weight loss and type one diabetes is a difficult thing. Not impossible, but difficult.  We are constantly feeling like we are chasing lows. Having to eat something after a really good workout can make you feel defeated by diabetes. I have been using trial and error to really narrow down what my body is doing - of course as anyone with diabetes knows this can be extremely hard to do because wonky numbers always seem to find their way into the logbook.

It's all about keeping a happy mind and bringing that to the gym and afterwards.  Not getting frustrated with your diabetes makes a big difference - accepting highs and lows and knowing that you are giving everything a pseudo pancreas can give.  You are doing an awesome job.


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