Monday, March 11, 2013

Proud of My Number

This afternoon I got the greatest call.  It was actually in response from a message I had left regarding my latest a1c at the endocrinologist's office. So, the moment of truth was revealed on the phone when the receptionist told me that my a1c was 6.7! First of all, I was not expecting an a1c in the sixes at all, so that was exciting in itself...and second of all, my previous a1c three months ago was 8.0 - to show you just how drastic of a change it truly was.

In case you aren't sure what an a1c is, it is basically a blood test done that is a snapshot of average blood sugars for the previous three months. If you want to know more detailed information about an a1c test you can check out this website: Diabetes Health 

For most, and for me...this blood test is a dreaded thing. It's like stepping on the weight scale to reveal your weight. Sometimes stepping on the scale with excitement knowing that you've been eating right and exercising, but sometimes stepping on the scale with the regret of knowing you've indulged a few too many times and haven't lifted a weight in the past three months.

When I was first diagnosed my a1c was 13 which is really dangerous. However, the three months prior to my diagnosis, I obviously had no idea I was diabetic therefore was not taking insulin nor monitoring my blood sugars.  After that I recall it being something like 6.4 then it leaped into the 7's and three months ago was my highest ever at 8.0.  

Some have asked me what my secret is and as much as I want to say something miraculous it really isn't.  First of all, I have been working out every single day for at least an hour. I have also been eating a healthier diet including way more vegetables and fruit than I have ever before included into my diet.  Thirdly, which will have an effect on my a1c is that I have encountered a few more lows along the way which can usually impact your blood sugars.

Although having lows is not good - it is part of the process of changing your lifestyle. It's really hard to predict what specific workouts are going to do to your blood sugar. At this point it has been all about trial and error with different basal rates, snack schedules etc. I think I am beginning to master it for the majority of my work outs - but if you know diabetes well, you know that it is always waiting to throw you a curve ball at any unexpected point.

Trust me, I never thought I was going to see a six so fast. I thought that the people that were maintaining fives and sixes had found some secret herb or cure - when in reality they must have been seriously working really hard to maintain such a great number.  I am proud of my number and I let the receptionist know that she made my day when she gave me the results!

So here is to maintaining that 6.7 and to encouraging others that it is possible!



  1. Congratulations Kayla! That's absolutely wonderful, and not as easy as it sounds. Great job!