Monday, October 24, 2011

Success with Diabetes

Diabetes hasn't always been a part of my life.  But, a huge part of me cannot imagine what it was like to live without.  I spent nearly nineteen years of my life diabetes free - wow, what an accomplishment!    I guess since diabetes has pretty much consumed my entire life I can't imagine knowing nothing about it.   The words, basal, bolus, prime, rewind, insulin and pancreas are common words in my everyday life and if you're a friend of mine chances are you're catching on to these terms as well (and if you're not a friend of mine, then Hello! Nice to meet you!)

I think it is safe to say that diabetes has managed to welcome itself into my home, my bed, my classroom and even in my bra!  For something I knew nothing about 2.5 years ago, I really have a lot of proof to show that I now have my Masters in Diabetes Education...or Diabetes Living.

My whole mindset has changed and my lifestyle has readjusted, but nonetheless I have proved that living with diabetes isn't a big deal. Yes, I've heard you can lose your leg or go blind, but those are the things that diabetes takes away from you, more people need to talk about what diabetes gives you like courage and strength...all of these poor diabetics being told that if they don't 'tighten' their blood sugar or else...why not give them the real life stories of success with diabetes!


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