Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Although it seems that the biggest dream of mine would be for a cure; I rarely think about a cure for diabetes.   It may some where down the road be possible it just isn't the first dream that I have for myself.    Diabetes does suck and every now and then when my pump is dangling from my bed or I need to readjust it or find somewhere to hide it, I think to myself, "It would be nice to not have to rely on something other than my body parts to keep me alive." 

The pump nonetheless can make you feel robot-like.   My robotic pancreas can dangle 23inches away from my body, smack into oncoming objects and hook on to doorknobs and handles.    Despite the pump being a pain, I know that it is beneficial to my health.   If they do find a cure or even a way to give insulin without me having to see, look, touch, or DEAL with it then that would be great.

In the meantime I have other dreams and wishes that I want in life.  I want to graduate from University, get married have children and a great job as well as do a bunch of amazing things in my life.  To add to that, I want to say I accomplished it all while living with diabetes and hey if they cure diabetes by the time I accomplish some of these things then I won't mind saying I accomplished some of this with diabetes and then I was cured and accomplished some more!  


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