Friday, October 21, 2011

Explaining Diabetes

Living with diabetes we just know what it is all about, so when we have to explain something to someone it can get a little repetitive or even complicated to explain.  Add being low or high into the mix and you've really got a messy situation.   The past two nights my sugar has plummeted past 4.0 and both times I was with Vince who is still patiently learning about diabetes (even taking the time to do some research on his own).

Unfortunately though there is one misconception when my sugar goes low as much as I would love a feast it just isn't plausible considering I need something quick.  I think this is the biggest part of diabetes that confuses non-diabetics next to a couple other things, "omg you can eat sugar?" and the whole issue of what does insulin do lower your sugar or make your sugar higher?

Both times I have gone low he asked me if I wanted stuff like pasta, pizza basically a meal meanwhile I was stuffing cookies in my mouth agreeing to all of these food choices because every diabetic knows when you're low you're  HUNGRY!    I feel bad because I was also trying to explain that when my sugar drops I need something immediate and fast acting.   He then asked what that would be and I gave him a good list off the top of my head of what would be good.

Needless to say the next day he said to me, "I know where we keep the honey in the house now..."


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