Saturday, October 29, 2011


It's that time of the year again! Where we think it's okay to eat 1200 mini chocolate bars, but god forbid at any of the other time we buy a whole chocolate bar ... because then we have to say, "well, I did walk up the stairs in my apartment today, so I deserve it..."

The mini chocolates and small packages of candy seem to be okay no matter what, even if you haven't left your house all weekend and refuse to where nothing, but 'comfy pants'  either way it's that time of the year we can at least be guilt free until it's over then we will regret the candy, but maybe not that much because we did  have to walk around the block or at least to catch a cab right?

For me I find the little chocolate to be a little more of a challenge than eating just one normal size chocolate bar.  It seems that we set out to have a couple 'little' candies, but end up polishing off a box or bag.   But, beyond this there are SO many snacks at Halloween especially if you're at a party or hosting one.  Snacks Galore = Blood Sugar out of CONTROL.

But, we don't know yet because my Halloween festivities have not started until tonight!    I am really excited to have a good time and keep my blood sugar under control for the most part. Alcohol does lower blood sugar, so it may be good that Little Red Riding Hood will be carrying some candy in her basket tonight!

P.s   have you heard of the Fairy Tale Little Red Riding Hood, you know the girl with diabetes...


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