Friday, August 3, 2018

Four Things That We Depend On

There are many things that we depend on as people with type 1 diabetes. As much as we like to claim independence, there is quite a bit that goes on behind the scenes, that we count on to keep us going:

1. Candy, Sugar, Juice Boxes

Believe it or not, people with diabetes need these things. We need something to bring us up when our blood sugars plummet.  Most people confuse sugar consumption with diabetes in general, and believe
that we have had to give it all up, and if we touch it, our 'diabetes' gets worse. However, many of times, candy as saved my life.

2. Prescriptions

This is something many people depend on. However, if we do not have insulin, the consequences are grave.  There have been a few times I've gone to the pharmacy, only to find out they didn't have insulin in stock, and their nonchalant attitude is enough to send a T1D across the counter in rage. Same goes for a prescription that is not properly cared for.  I once went into a pharmacy only to to 
notice, my insulin sitting on the counter - for who knows how long! 

3. Technology 

It's not just our phones that we count on, but our insulin pumps, blood sugar meters, CGMs and sensors. We count on a ton of technology to keep us healthy and going.  It was absolutely great when it works, but when it fails us, we are left to the grips of a customer service line and a waiting game with the mailman.

4.  Proper Diabetes Education 

We are all smart, but when it comes to learning about diabetes it takes both lived experience and education from our health care providers. The day you're diagnosed begins the day of a lifetime course on how to manage diabetes.  It's always changing but, it is important to make sure we are equipped with proper support from both health care providers and others living with diabetes.


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