Monday, August 27, 2018

I Bolused & Carried On

Okay, so it's been three months since we said I Do, but I was awaiting an important photo for this very blog, because like any other time, diabetes tags along for all of the best moments in your life - no matter what you do to try and keep it on the back burner.

On May 22nd, we got married in Mexico with our close family and friends in the sand right in front of the ocean. It was a beautiful day, seriously, we lucked out because as we were getting ready, it was a torrential downpour. However, the sun parted just before we were set to marry and the rest of the night was perfect.

I had issues with my dress leading up to departure, as the seamstress was not so great. I had planned on sorting out where my insulin pump was going to go on my dress (not being a hard thing to do since it was a giant ball gown dress) but I simply ran out of time and mind space to even think about it.  It wasn't until the day before that I thought, "Oh my gosh I need some kind of strap for this thing!"  I wanted to wear my pump because I didn't want to have to deal with injections or high blood sugars.  Thankfully, my medtronic rep lives close by and he gave me ALL of the straps, belts, bags, you name it, to try with my dress.

Our wedding was near the end of our trip, so it let all our nervousness float away through the week as we spent a wonderful amount of time in the pool with our friends and family.  Let me tell you, having a waterproof pump at a resort is fantastic!  My blood sugars were decent throughout the trip because I always could keep my pump on, even if my entire day was spent at the swim up bar.

Now to the wedding day!  I woke up in the morning, not feeling nervous at all. I felt very calm and was trying very hard to soak up every second of that day.  I realized my pump was almost out of insulin and not wanting to have to worry about it, I decided to do a quick site change before the day began.  I've changed my pump site thousands of times, not a big deal.

But, there was a big deal, because within all the excitement I missed a simple step.

Let's fast forward to getting ready - oh it was so fun!  It felt like a rush as we did our makeup, hair, rushed around, took photos, and prayed the rain would stop.  Our coordinator came knocking on our door that it was time go, and my mom reminded me, "shouldn't you check your blood sugar before we go?" 

Oh yes!  Not only am I getting married in 10 minutes, I also STILL have diabetes.

K.S Photography

I scanned, I pricked, and to my surprise my blood sugar was insane.  INSANE.  How could this be?  I know adrenaline does some damage, but this bad?  But, it was time to go, so I grabbed my remote meter, and dialed up insulin.   But, it wouldn't connect.

Now I was getting frustrated.  This is truly when you realize diabetes isn't on your side.   I was going to have to get my insulin pump, which was lost in tulle. But, there was no way I could go without correcting.  So, there I was fishing for my insulin pump to correct my blood sugars just before walking down the isle.  What did I realize when I finally found my pump?  I had forgot to finish priming it.  The pump wasn't even giving me insulin all morning and afternoon.

While of course everyone was in shock about this, I knew it was just one of those moments I had to roll with.  I felt good (probably adrenaline) and I wasn't going to let it ruin the day.  I bolused and carried on to begin my next chapter (which unfortunately still included diabetes!)


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