Monday, July 30, 2018


As a reminder, I am not a medical professional - so the topic today is about bolusing and I want to state that, chat with a medical professional before you bring anything I blog about home.

I have been really trying to do well with my diabetes. By doing well, it just means that I have been trying to dedicate more time to managing diabetes and really sit with my numbers and figure out how I can achieve better numbers.  As I already stated, Mike and I would like to try for a family in the next year or so, and to do that, obviously you want to have good numbers and you just generally want to feel good. Once you get a feeling of stability with blood sugars (even if it just for a entire afternoon) you gain a little confidence that you'll be able to manage diabetes, usually that is if you're willing to dedicate 80% of your focus and brain power and 20% to everything else in your life.  It's not balanced, and likely cannot be.

What I have found that has been super helpful is a pre-bolusing.  I am not good at math or science or anything related to those topics, so by some magic, I have just made up my own way of pre-bolusing with timing and (most of the time) been successful with it.   I won't be discussing what that magic is, because I believe each of us need something different, and what works for me, likely isn't going to work for you, mainly because I just make it up as I go.

Pre-bolusing isn't something new.  People with diabetes have figured this out way before I have, and have done it with actual science and math and not luck.  You can find many articles by googling "pre-bolusing" There is no shortage of finding information and reading people's experiences on this topic. I am really just adding another paper to the pile that doesn't give any equations, or really anything that is going to be life-changing. However, for me really thinking about diabetes has been my own life-changer.

Pre-bolusing to me, is consciously thinking about what I am putting into my body, what I am doing with my body and trying to assume what my blood sugars will do with all of that information.  It is most definitely a guessing game for me, and trying to predict the future. However, it has been fairly successful for me - which means I am either in tune with my body, or I am a legit, fortune teller.  We can't be sure.


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