Sunday, October 2, 2016

Just Show Up

Today I set out to run my week 7, day 3 run of the Couch to 5K program.   I needed the extra push of motivation, as the couch was looking more appealing than the run, but once I got out to the park, I was set.  I am a firm believer in just showing up.  When you show up, there are way more opportunities, opportunities that you do not know exist. I kept this in mind as I parked my car, got out on the pavement and warmed up for my run.   Little did I know, a Runner's Choice 1/2 marathon was taking place at the same time.  I ran the opposite way of the runners, which means I got to see each passing face as I ran by and it was....Inspiring.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a reason as to why they showed up.  It isn't always easy.   Living with type 1 diabetes, sometimes I feel diabetes holds me back and makes me wait patiently while time passes by, but in reality, there are times when I am holding myself back.  I have practicing how to self motivate, how to show up.   I was in awe at each runner. Some looked professional, like they had been running for years and years, all the running gadgets and proper technique, while others looked as those this may be their first race.  There were people of all ages and sizes, and abilities and that inspired me.

Running has changed me and I hate to sound cliche, but each day I wake up with a different goal and ability to do better for myself and I am falling in love with just that.  I ran my fastest pace today conquering almost 5k, and I credit not only myself, but every single person that passed by me today on that trail.   In particular, I passed one girl who was heavier set, she had the biggest smile on her face and the person in front of me (who was not in the race, began clapping for her)  I smiled at her and in that moment I wanted to say, "You've got this! Keep going!"  She was running 1/2 a marathon, something I am not close to competing in and it was so inspiring. I cried under my sunglasses as I thought about all the obtacles people go through in order to achieve their goals. The struggles, the setbacks, the record-breaking achievements, the pain, the happiness, all that is a part of running and the running community.

I am just new to this, and I can feel my energy growing, my glow, my heart and my spirit.   Never doubt your abilities, never doubt your impact and most importantly, ALWAYS show up.


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