Saturday, October 29, 2016

Syringes & Cookies

Today diabetes really tested me. I don't often get mad at my diabetes but today it really threw me a curve ball in what was a wonderful day. Just as I was enjoying the bread bowl, I bolused and got a "no delivery" notice. I troubleshooted for a bit but no results. I tried not to panic as we were no where near our hotel and I didn't have a syringe on me (we transferred things in bags and I'm human and forgot to pack some supplies).  Thankfully I was meeting a friend who also had diabetes but it was going to be a couple hours until she could get to me.

Mike and I tried to find a pharmacy with a pharmacist so we could get a syringe. Then, I could extract insulin.  Thankfully, Walgreens hooked me up with a single 50 cent syringe and I then had to transfer insulin (finding out my reservoir was totally messed up... literally broken and not unhooking properly...) regardless, in the middle of a not-so-nice mall I tried to get enough insulin in this large syringe so I could at least get in a bolus for that massive bread bowl Mike and I shared (of course I had massive carb filled lunch) To be honest, I was so panicked about the whole thing, in the middle of San Francisco that I didn't really carefully measure the amount of insulin, I did know it was under the 10 mark, but my blood sugar was 24.7 mmol/L I needed it.

So, at this point we had walked quite a bit but we had a lot more walking to do. I ignored my pump as it vibrated for attention, but clearly wasn't doing its job. We did some more sight seeing and frequent blood sugar checks, slowly but surely it was going down, however it was still high so I took another bolus (mind you I had no background basal, so I had to keep that in mind) about two hours or less later, I began to feel off. I checked and I was going low and I also had no idea how much insulin I had on board. I did know this, I once again failed myself and didn't back sufficient low supplies and I knew we had a lot more walking ahead of us.

So, we went on searching for food. We found a yacht club.  They were having an event and we hovered by the door as there was a table that read "kids only" and had a delectable plate of cookies on it! Perfect. I'm not a kid, but I'm low!  I asked a lady that was by the door and explained my situation much like I had to do to the pharmacist but different circumstances. With no hesitation she told me of course. I grabbed a couple "kids only" cookies and headed on my way.

Soon, it was time to meet with my friend who was prepared to give me the supplies I needed. I am so thankful for those global diabetes friends I have made along the way. But, also thankful for the community in which some how works together to protect one another, and help each other out. Because, if it wasn't for the pharmacist, Mike, the cookie lady or Krystal... today would have been much worse.


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