Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Twists & Turns

It's official I have graduated! Which seems strange because as I sat there waiting for my name to be called, I began to wonder where the time had gone.  How it feels like a millions years since high school, yet I feel like the journey to today went by like a speeding bullet. I can hardly remember all that went on in those past few years, or even believe that some how I made it through, got all the essays in on time, or even thought of that many essays topics to write on. It's amazing.

I have been writing a lot about new chapters and how I plan to take on the days of the rest of my life. However, at graduation one of the speakers said something that stuck with me and I feel like I have been trying to remind myself of this, but with her reiterating it, it really hit home.  Don't plan the rest of your life, or set too strong of goals, as you never know when life can change, twist and turn and you'll have to change your plans.  How true is that, and how great is that at the same time. We don't need to plan ahead so far in advance that we know how many children we're going to have, what colour we're going to paint the laundry room of our first home or what age we'd like to retire. We can just live in the now and plan for tomorrow, not for fifty years down the road. Enjoy the moment.

I'm happy for all my peers that have also graduated as we all know that it isn't an easy journey to get through post secondary especially with all those little twists and turns that may have changed our plans along the way. 


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