Friday, June 6, 2014

Grow & Learn

It's been a full week of watching 'E' and I am starting to see diabetes in a different light.  Dealing with type 1 diabetes on my own is much different than helping someone manage their diabetes and I say helping because 'E' is pretty self sufficient in the fact that she actively participates in taking care of her diabetes such as reading the numbers on her monitor and asking questions or telling me about her insulin pump, site, monitor, meter, etc.

I find that when we know our own diabetes it is really easy to become slack and not be as worried as we are for other with type 1 diabetes. I notice it all the time online when people write a question or share a story about their diabetes and people are quick to judge or give advice that they may or may not follow themselves. We all know how to take care of our diabetes because we are explained how to from day one and the amount of resources seem almost overwhelming. However, like I mentioned we can easily ignore the truths and push through our day.

'E' inspires me to check more. Even though she wears a monitor and we don't have to check as much, she encourages me to check mine more. Like, seriously, gets my meter out, puts in a strip and holds the lancet over my finger ready to go. She even will cock it back again when we are done and say, "it's ready to go for next time you check.." How awesome is it to have a mini type 1 to not only inspire me to keep checking and keeping taking care of myself, but also for me to help her. We have each other.

I want to be healthy, I want to embrace diabetes, I want to continue to grow and learn and this was exactly what I needed to keep pushing me in the right direction.


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