Wednesday, February 26, 2014

That Could Have Been Me

Recently I stumbled across a story of a young girl who passed away due to diabetes complications. She was eighteen years old.

Eighteen years old.

I don't know her diabetes history nor her story. Simply just know the information that was sent on Facebook and through other google searches as I faced the reality that type one diabetes, while it isn't a death sentence, it can be deadly.

My heart goes out to her family and friends.

I couldn't help but think out loud, 'That could have been me."  No one wants to think about complications due to diabetes, no one wants to think of the possibility of death. However, each and every single day I am in charge of managing my diabetes, I am responsible for my diabetes and I admit that at times I do not think of the consequences of my laziness to inject at the correct time or the times I have just 'guessed' my bolus rate.  

It hurts me to know that I was diagnosed with something that is livable but at the same time can easily turn fatal. It breaks my heart that babies, children, teens, and adults are dying from a  disease that has outstanding technological backings and treatment. How can a disease be so haunting but at the same time provide so much life that otherwise would have no been possible if insulin was not invented.

I hope that with time we can find better ways to manage diabetes to truly risk complications, as well as improve our social programs so that no child, teen or adult feels alone in the disease. I am MAD at diabetes for taking away the lives of the young. I am MAD at diabetes for keeping mothers, fathers, caregivers and those that have diabetes awake at night.  I am MAD at diabetes for making us worry.


R.I.P Miss Clancy

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