Sunday, October 27, 2013

Isn't On Your Mind

Aren't those moments great, when you forget you have diabetes.  I mean, it's not like if someone were to ask you if you had diabetes you would draw a blank, but those moments when the last thing on your mind is diabetes. You are so excited, living in the moment, pump is full of insulin, site feels non-existant, fingers haven't been poke in a couple hours and for a moment diabetes isn't on your mind - the moment is instead.

The pizzas we made last night - yes I remembered to bolus!
These moments are rare, at least for me. My newsfeed is usually bombarded by diabetes related posts and if not there is at least one ad on the side of my Facebook related to diabetes. I either am thinking about how high my blood sugar is or how much longer I have until I have no insulin left. Although most of this is unconscious thought, I can't help but always put myself in situations that remind me that I live with diabetes.

Yesterday for a bit, I  was able to truly feel non-diabetic. I don't know why but I knew that my pump was full, battery was full and that I was running great blood sugars all day.  I had went to the gym in the morning and since I had only two eggs for breakfast, I took my pump off and let my body naturally lower my blood sugar knowing that I hadn't ate many carbs at all.  Coming home I put my pump back on and checked every now and then but since I was feeling great I wasn't worrying or thinking about my diabetes.

I spent the afternoon at Vince's and since there isn't much of an internet connection out there, I left my phone in my bag and decided to ignore it. I wasn't reminded of my diabetes nor anyone else's and I truly enjoyed my time feeling. I get that I still had my insulin pump on and I did have to check before dinner, but I just let diabetes slip my mind for a part of the day and it felt great.


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