Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jamaican' Me High

During my vacation I found it incredibly hard to manage my blood sugars.  I knew that I wouldn't be perfect since I have no idea what they would be cooking with, but I have vacationed a lot with diabetes and have never had such horrible blood sugars.  I found that I was constantly max bolusing on my insulin pump in order to keep up with the after effects of the food that I was eating.  I tried to eat food that I knew the most like fruit or french fries, but of course when you are paying for all inclusive you want to be able to enjoy your time as much as possible by trying new things or eating more than average.

The food in Jamaica was good and I did try some of their dishes such as Jerk Chicken, but not being too into spices, I ended up eating a lot more 'Americanized' food. I saw blood sugars soaring every single day even with a lot of physical activity.  I must admit after being a fanatic before we left about my blood sugars it was hard to see such booming numbers appear on my meter. 

Now that I am back, I am sick. Going on day four of being sick and my blood sugars are still high. I have put the pump at over 100% basal, I have been checking more, and all I am eating is a bland food diet.  So, hopefully recovery is on its way, along with much better blood sugars. 

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