Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Not Fair Because...

Often times as diabetics we feel overwhelmed in what we have to take on.  We feel overwhelmed because every second of the day is measured for us, we are counting carbs, taking insulin, or just plain riding out the symptoms of highs and lows.  As much as we pull through each day with confidence in handling the next, we all know that it isn't fair that we were the ones diagnosed.

It's not fair because we didn't do anything to deserve diabetes. Countless times I have reflected on the past years of my life wondering what I could have possibly done to deserve such a difficult disease. I think of all the people who did me wrong, the people who committed crimes, bullied, or just were mean people who aren't living with a chronic disease.  I think about the toddlers, young children and young adults that are diagnosed with type one diabetes that have never said or did a bad thing in their lives. It's not fair because we as diabetics feel as though we did not do anything to deserve this.

It's not fair because everything has carbs, okay a few things don't but seriously.  Why can't we have to take insulin for something like 'only things that are green' or 'things starting with the letter E' why does it have to be the sweetest thing of all - sugar.  Half the time people don't even realize what has carbs, for example diabetics have to take insulin for milk and even sometimes vegetables.

Lastly, it's not fair because diabetes easily becomes a lifestyle once diagnosed that those living with diabetes or those that take care of love ones with diabetes often forget to take time for themselves.  It's not fair because we are all working hard to get by each day constantly reflecting on numbers and food, yet rarely give ourselves  a pat on the back for all of the effort we put in.

So even though diabetes isn't a fair disease and it isn't fair that we were given diabetes, it's time to accept it knowing that it was given to you for a reason, not for something you did wrong, but for reasons we will find out along the way.



  1. This is good to hear and I agree. Though I have learned the hard way that disease is never fair. I also like to put a positive spin on it! I like to believe I became a lot more responsible and self aware because of this disease, and that makes me feel better about the whole situation.

  2. Hi DiabeticDose, not too often do I 'feel' sorry for myself nor want to change my situation because I feel as though I have found positive things from this situation. But, it is nice to rant every now and then isn't it!

    I am glad you have found a positive way of going about it as well!


  3. I totally agree that diabetes is not fair, but I know that without it I would not be the strong and independent person I am today. We all know all to well that we are not promised tomorrow so I choose to never fear and instead to find the positive light in every situation. Do I find positive light in a low of 31 mg/dl at 2am in the morning? um no not really that would be crazy right? but I do find it funny the next morning when I see a strip stuck to my face or to my dog. Thank you Kayla for keeping positive your blog is an inspiration!
    Keep it up!!

    1. Hi Carey!

      I hear you! It's all about celebrating the small stuff, laughing at the hard/annoying stuff and trying super hard to keep optimistic about diabetes. That and insulin will pull us through! :)


  4. Let's hope a cure is close by.

  5. They need a cure. As much money that gets poured into researcher facilities around the world a cure should have been made. Its 2013. There is no cures for nothing. Aids, hiv NOTHING.
    One would by now in this day and age there would be cures for something. Theres better technology and research. People say that they haven't found a cure for it cause of lack of knowledge
    Thats a bunch of bullshit
    You google diabeties, aids or parkinson disease you find a lot of results for those. Every website has a bit of different info.
    America is terrible when it comes to health.
    They can go and make things like waterproof phones and google glasses but cant find cures for amything.
    It pisses me off to see shit this happening.
    Some kids are born with diabeties and aids. How is that fair that a child, a not fully developed being has to suffer such diseases.
    Everyone has the right to a normal and
    Healthy life. Nobody should have to suffer. Science has evolved too far for people to still be suffering
    Get the led out research facilities, and give us the healthy normal lives we deserve