Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have come to realize how generous or how rude a person can truly be. It is pretty easy to detect whether or not someone is truly genuine even by first glance. For me, I feel like I know when not to waste my time on someone who won't give me the time but luckily I am often surrounded by people who are engaged and generous.

As mentioned in a blog most likely written in September I let all my teachers know about my diabetes. I feel like at times teachers will take that as, what does diabetes have to do with class? and others will take it with great respect knowing exactly why I am letting them know.

I have never had diabetes in a classroom setting until college this year so going about letting people know can be a little overwhelming. I am sure I am not the only one that has felt this way. First, you don't want to sound 'unable' you want them to know that you can control your disease but there may be times where you just can't. Another thing that makes it hard is trying to compress diabetes because there are so many different aspects of the disease, it's hard to pin point was exactly is important to let them know. Lastly it's hard to express what type 1 diabetes is rather than type 2. Since there are different variations of diabetes some may take it much more lightly than others. A prof. shouldn't be worried about having a student with diabetes, or be paranoid all the time, there has to be a basic understanding.

Today I felt odd in class, and decided to check my sugar during a lecture. I must have caught the eye of my prof. because after class he came up to me asking about my diabetes. He kindly grabbed my hand and let me know that if I needed anything to feel free, "If you have to leave, eat, check your sugar, go ahead!" he insisted. It was comforting considering I hadn't yet had the chance to let him know about my diabetes.

Like I said, you can easily see the people who are genuine and that are willing to help you out and listen just as easy you can find those who may be slightly ignorant but thankfully I am surrounded by a lot of genuine people.


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