Monday, January 25, 2010

Chase Your Dreams

Is there something in your life you wish you had done? Something you regret?

There are so many things in my life that I wish I had done and there are plenty of things that I regret but when it comes down to it, I wouldn't change a thing. It's hard to imagine what life would be like if I hadn't done some of the things I did.

I know that there are so many opportunities I missed out on but I like to think that I have made up for lost time these past 10 months. Can you believe 10 months has past? I am so proud of myself for finally believing in myself because for the longest time I honestly had no self respect nor did I care where I ended up and here I am with dreams and goals that are even causing myself to go in shock.

I just want people to know how much chasing your dream is important. I know that it took a disease for me to figure this out but I'd love if I can at least convince one person out there to live life to it's fullest and to never doubt yourself.

I have no doubt in my mind, I know that I can do whatever I put my mind too.


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  1. Love the blog!! It is like you are reading my mind at moments! I really like this one tho because I fell the same way. Before diabetes I was just another kid in highschool haningout with the wrong people doing things I shouldnt have going no where. But after getting diabetes you realize how fragile life can be, and it makes you appreciate it! It sucks to say it but diabetes has made me want to live life all the way turned up lol

    Type1 Diabetic