Friday, January 15, 2010

Lucky Me

After talking to one of my Profs today I realize just how lucky I am to live in Canada with diabetes. I think that at times the focus of the disease takes over and can have a negative effect on people but when you truly think about how lucky you are to live in a place that has health care and support you can really turn the negativity of having a disease around.

My prof. only knowing me for three days, has been astonishingly interested in my disease. Today, he told me that if I was diagnosed in another country I may not be here today, and that I am indeed lucky to live in Canada. This is extremely true, and it makes me incredibly sad to know that there are children around the world with diabetes that have no resources.

Besides the importance of health care there are a lot of children/teens living with diabetes that don't have emotional support. Unless you are diabetic it may be hard to connect with someone. Of course everyone knows that this is the goal of my blogs. It is with all my hope that my blog can be passed around from child to teen to adult to senior. I know what is it like to be diabetic, and every day is something new.

People may think diabetes at age eighteen is unlucky but to me I am extremely lucky.


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