Thursday, September 12, 2019

I did it. We did it.

It’s been a few months - and I’m not sure where the time has gone, but healthy baby boy has arrived since my last post in May!

Hoping to have time (Ha!) to blog more about the experience of type 1 diabetes and pregnancy / now as a new mom because I know how valuable lived experience is in the diabetes  community. I googled many diabetes bloggers during my pregnancy for reassurance and guidance and I plan to pay it forward by being “that” blog for someone else.

But, first the most reassuring part that a soon-to-be Mom can come across. I managed my diabetes with all my mental and physical strength to my best ability and delivered the most beautiful baby boy August 1st at 8:33 am via C-Section (More on that in another post!)

The hard work that it took to get where we are today, paid off more than I can imagine and for those other moms out there living with type 1 diabetes, and those that are currently pregnant, we know how much work and energy it takes both before, during and after pregnancy.  I did it. We did it. We are amazing humans!

More posts soon (Or so I plan!)


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