Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Running Shoe Effect

Does anyone else feel like as soon as they put their running shoes on, their blood sugar decides to plummet?  I could be running high all day, but as soon as I pull out my Nikes from the closet and lace them up, my blood sugars begin to trend down, causing a delay in said exercise.

Yesterday, M and I decided to go for a hike after dinner. My blood sugar was 6 mmol/Land steady, and I really wanted to not treat pre-hike because 6 mmol/L is a lovely number to be at.  Unfortunately, as soon as we parked our car in the lot before the trail, and began our way through the hilly dirt trail, M scanned my sensor and said, "You're at 5 mmol/L and heading DOWN!" Of course, that 6 didn't last very long before I was having to eat candies for the entire hike because being stubborn and wanting to hike, I wasn't willing to turn around and go home.

We trekked a bit further before M decided we shouldn't go too far into the trail (for obvious reasons and he wasn't likely going to be able to carry me the rest of the way, if I did pass out) I was a bit annoyed at diabetes for the fact that my blood sugar was quite high all day despite going for a walk earlier and cleaning the windows and deck, which are two things that usually lower my blood sugar and now here I am plummeting into the ground of blood sugars.

We stopped a few times seeing a deer and her babies, talking to some other hikers passing by and taking silly photos of one another, but ultimately I could feel my blood sugar still dropping (cue the white spots in vision and weird mood coming on.)  

Ultimately we got a hike in and my blood sugars were merely a lesson that at anytime diabetes can do what it wants so you have to role with the punches.


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