Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Tech Support

Often we talk about how diabetes technology is helping the person with diabetes.  We hear about how it will make the  person with diabetes lives easier by allowing them to ease some of the burden of having to run their entire pancreas with blood drops and syringes.  But, what I have come to realize is that diabetes technology not only benefits me as the person who has diabetes, but also everyone around me.

With two weeks before I become a Mrs. I am soaking up all the love from my friends and family. We had my bridal shower a couple weeks ago and my bachelorette was just last weekend.  Now, I've spoke about the affects of diabetes and alcohol before, so I will leave that aside; however, it was so key to have the technology during these fun times to help assist my friends keep me safe when I am too busy having fun!

More and more I am feeling thankful for the new diabetes technology that is honestly changing the game of diabetes.  My fiance does not have to wait for me to stubbornly check my sugar anymore, he can just secretly swipe by my sensor.   He doesn't have to worry about us remembering if I bolused for dinner, we can easily check my pump to make sure it happened.  I think about the ease of mind that the technology must bring those people around me. I know that the tools that were designed to make the person with diabetes lives easier, in return also helps the ones that love them too!


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