Friday, March 10, 2017

A Work Of Art

This above is a work of art, painted by my blood sugars.  This right here is me trying my absolute hardest to stay between the green lines (3.9 mmol/L - 7.8 mmol/L) but clearly riding an unfortunate rollercoaster while trying to do so.  This is diabetes. 

Often enough people assume that diabetes management is about taking your medicine, watching your diet and working out. After all that is sort of how we solve a lot of health issues, we take our medicine, do what our doctor prescribes whether that is rest or walking 5 km a day and that's that. Diabetes management is multi-faceted.  We are expected to look, feel, and act like normal human beings all while trying to keep between the green lines.

It's not easy.  I have spent the past 2.5 days really focusing on my graph. Listening to the alarms of highs and lows and trying to act before it gets too wild.   It is absolutely amazing to see what foods send my blood sugars to the moon (Pasta!) and what foods have little to no effect (Apples!) and also to see how regardless of what I do/eat sometimes my blood sugars just do their own thing!  

This illustration is how my body is running, it is the ride that I am aboard (and cannot get off) and it all goes on while I try to balance my life.


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  1. I wish I could care what my CGM said, but I can't. I'm one of a few people who have problems with their CGM's. My CGM (Dexcom) can be up to 80%+/- off from my meter. I don't take medications that'll interfere with my blood sugars. My fingers are clean. I correctly calibrate. For unknown reasons, there are a number of us that just have problems. My endo knows this but still wants me to wear it. So I do. My CGM can say I'm 79mg/dl and I can be 150mg/dl. Or my CGM can say I'm 118mg/dl and I'm really 50mg/dl. Thankfully, I know my low signs so I can go and check on my meter. Even though I stay within my range of 70mg/dl-190mg/dl.

    I have the biggest problems keeping my blood sugars stable when I do a site change. For some reason, my blood sugars always go high for about 6 hours after I change the infusion set. I have a special profile just for site change days that now keep me under 200mg/dl