Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Credit

This time of year can be tough for anyone.  The extra expenses of buying gifts, baking supplies, decorations... the visiting with people you hardly see and have to make small talk with as they ask you what you've been doing and when you plan on doing more... and for people who struggle with will power *raises hand* this time of year is like running a obstacle race minus the leaping over fire and army crawling through mud trenches...although, that isn't out of the question.

Living with diabetes I am constantly fighting to keep my blood sugars in balance.  It's like being on a teeter-totter and trying to remain in the middle without either side touching the ground.  The smallest of sugar can have a big effect and as you grow older with diabetes you begin to realize what food items effect you the most.  All carbohydrates aren't created equally.

I can't really remember my stress level for my first Christmas with diabetes, but I know I must have blogged about it somewhere... Ou, here is one, Christmas 2009. But, I do know that 7 Christmases later, I am still struggling the self control/ listen to your gut feeling when trying to navigate the Christmas spread.  With or without diabetes, I know this can be a struggle.  You've worked so hard all year to lose those ten pounds and after five Christmas parties you're back to where you began, or at least it feels that way.

The gyms get busier, people break out their Magic Bullets and Kale goes up in price because they know you're going to be all over that.   It's difficult.   1 week prior to Christmas I have given myself two boundaries, no cheese and no peanut butter.  I am trying to constantly remind myself what I have been working hard for this past year, (I started working on being healthier December 29th 2015).   I also want to try and stay conscience of what my blood sugars are, and remind myself that when my blood sugars are high, no one is happy.    This is something that is proven most difficult as the desserts rest on the table in front of you.    The smallest Christmas cookie can send my blood sugar into a frenzy.

But, if you're a person with diabetes remember to give yourself some credit over the holidays.  On top of trying to manage this disease that shows no boundaries, you also have a long list of things that come with it, carb counting for Grandma's Fruitcake (Or not...) bringing your insulin to each house you visit and remembering to pack extra test strips, the list goes on.  And for those that love someone with diabetes, remember to go easy on them, it isn't always easy to do or remember the things above, and controlling blood sugars around this time of year can be a daunting and stressful tasks.


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