Saturday, March 29, 2014


I have been dealing with hives and swelling of the joints/lips/eyes for about a month now. To say it is annoying is an understatement.  I have been to the doctors and I am not prescription medication for 'allergies' but I know that this is likely not an allergy as I have carefully examined everything and nothing seems to make sense.

I have mentioned this in a previous blog that I am prone to hives.  A year before my diagnosis of diabetes I death with hives for a year straight in grade 12. Every single day and night I had hives, a lot of hives and extreme swelling. It was painful, hideous and mystery to every doctor and specialist that saw me.

Five years later I am crossing my fingers that this better not be happening again. I don't think I can do it again, yet a month later I am still dealing with the swelling hives that are so itchy, warm and irritated.  Some days are worse than others, sometimes the swelling lasts for only a couple hours while other times it is the entire day.

The medication I am on makes me very dehydrated and at times I feel like it is doing nothing.  I was given a month's worth plus two repeats, I am hoping that doesn't mean that the doctor thinks this is going to stick around for awhile.

So many people keep asking me similar questions, "Did you use different detergent?" "Are you using different soap?" But honestly, I have switched it all up and because this has happened in the past, even before grade 12, I know that whatever causes these hives isn't as simple as detergent.

I am assuming they're stress related, but I have completed all of my assignments and essays and really the only thing to do is do well on 5 exams, graduate, move into a new apartment, find a job and... okay, well that does sound pretty stressful.

Either way, I beg that my hives will go away soon, as the weather is getting nicer and I don't want to be burdened with these hideous hives.


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