Sunday, September 22, 2013

Being Unique

Most people are staring because they're interested not because they disapprove.  Over the years as I have grown a bit older I have realized that those that hold unique characteristics whether that is unique beauty, those living in wheelchairs, incredibly pale skin, have oxygen tanks, hearing aids, hair down to their toes, whatever it is, people like to stare.  I don't believe that all those that stare are being rude on purpose, nor do we as humans realize when we are staring sometimes.   Usually what lies behind are staring eyes is the curiosity to learn more, know more and really appreciate how different one's life can be.

Karli & I in 2011 at Fanshawe Graduation
My insulin pump is often hidden so it doesn't seem to draw too much attention. However, on the occasions that I wear it on my hip I often see people looking trying to figure out what it is doing, what it is and why I am wearing it.  I have had people asking me before, usually when I am wearing a bathing suit because then they can see that it is indeed attached to my stomach or side.  I don't mind the questions nor the stares because I know that it is human nature to be curious.

I know that there are a lot of conclusions and misconceptions drawn when people stare without questioning the person. Hopefully that person maybe goes home and researches what they saw or at least makes a good conclusion about what they observed.  I think it is always a good opportunity to educate the public when they strike up a conversation about whatever makes you unique.  I know that my friend Karli who lives with Cerebral Palsy and has a wheelchair often asks me questions regarding living with diabetes as I ask her questions about living with C.P.  It's all out of curiosity and the feeling of wanting to know more.

So next time someone is admiring what makes you unique see if they want to know more, or just let them get a closer look instead of feeling shy and attempting to hide it.  Of course some will judge, but that's what happens in life. It's all about being confident in what makes you unique and being willing to share the story behind it.


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