Monday, January 11, 2016


It has been a long while since I last sat down at my desk to write.  I must admit, life has gotten so busy that I haven't really been doing much of anything that revolves writing and I am starting to miss it.  Part of me thought about leaving the blog for good. Parting ways with something I started in the days after diagnosis, but a part of me just couldn't think about letting it go.  So, here I am attempting to revive the blog and at least try to remember to post once in awhile.

Since the end of September [when I last wrote] I did a couple of things.  First, I went to Vancouver, B.C to the IDF - Young Leaders conference.  This is the same conference I attended in 2013 in Australia.  It was so great seeing familiar faces that I met in Australia, but also it was nice meeting some new faces. That sad part is always saying goodbye, and even worse, not knowing if I will see them again. My training for the young leaders program was completed and I decided not to run for an elect position.  Reason being? I have realized a couple things, I take on too much and I need to focus on the things I have in my hands at the moment. It is great being an ambitious person, but at the same time, it's not always practical.

The second big thing was going to Barbados to see someone very special get married. Way before Kilimanjaro, I had a pen pal - actual hand written pen pal named Krystal, and then, a couple years later, I climbed Kilimanjaro with that very person, then a couple years later (two conferences, Australia & Canada) I was invited to attend her biggest day.    It was so surreal and I am still missing that sunshine, fun and the amazing Bajans.

This brings us to January, but not really because obviously many things have happened in the past few months.  I have had a shift of ideas, thoughts and really I have come to the point where I am feeling the burn out of being too involved in the diabetes community. Not in the sense that I am going to abandon it, but in the sense that I need to pick and choose what I am involved in, in order to give it my all in those things I do choose to be involved in - if that makes sense.

I added myself to every diabetes group on Facebook at one point in time. With the combination of the groups and the actual people with diabetes on my Facebook, I was being bombarded with diabetes talk on the daily. It was sometimes nice because I felt like diabetes was a normal thing, at least online, but part of me started to feel overwhelmed - TOO MUCH DIABETES.  I have since unsubscribed to groups that I do not need to be in.  Really, if I need to reach out to anyone, I have great close friends with diabetes I know I can lean on.

I think this year is going to be about finding time for myself, making myself comfortable in my own situations and learning to say, no thank you.

What's your outlook for 2016?


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