Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Just Keep Swimming

Lately I have been on a 'health kick' - I am trying my hardest to make it a lifestyle because we all know diets end, kicks quit and life happens.  I want to be a healthy person and in saying that I don't want to feel the weight of bad eating habits, on my body or my mind.  I like the feeling of finishing an hour at the gym, the feeling of fitting into a size six or the feeling of empowerment when someone tells me that, "I look good"  - these are things I like, so why do we sometimes quit feeling good?

I think the issue is that for people (like myself) who do enjoy bad food, and enjoy lounging, switching to a lifestyle of kale shakes and chin ups isn't an easy switch. It takes effort even if we feel awesome after doing such things. I have been living this lifestyle since February 2015, so I am in it for about 3 months... I have lost 10 pounds thus far, went from size 9 to size 6, and I have had much more energy (although some days, not so much).    The other challenge for me is putting as much effort into my diabetes - it doesn't always happen.

For me, making this switch is about making it public. I have to find a way to be accountable and for me that is through instagram and myfitnesspal.  Posting my triumphs, posting my food and keeping track of what I am doing/eating.  Some make fun of those that post gym photos or photos of their dinners; however no one is forcing those photos on others, so I don't see any issues.

Sometimes I think to myself how hard of a battle it is, I think, "Oh if I just lost 10 more pounds..." but when I think about how far I have come, I have to remind myself that I am okay the way that I am today.   

What keeps me motivated isn't just the number going down on the scale or my pants fitting looser, it is the idea that I could inspire others, especially others with diabetes. I wasn't completely overweight to begin with, but I wanted to make a change. With the many obstacles that type 1 diabetes brings an individual, it's easy to use it as an excuse to quit. However, if there is anything I can promote more, is the infamous quote by Dori, "Just Keep Swimming."  It's so important to keep going in any pace or motion.


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