Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Well it is a new year and with that come along feelings of a fresh start.  Personally, I always found September to be the time to start anew, but knowing that this is likely my last year of school, I guess I will become used to January being a fresh start rather than September.

For this year I haven't really thought about what I wanted to accomplish. I have been incredibly blessed with amazing opportunities the past few years and especially the past year (2013).  It will be hard to live up to such a big year for me, but also, with what knowledge and experience I have gained, I know that I am in the best possible place and mind frame to take on what life has to throw at me for 2014.

Vince & I on NYE. 
It has been a busy break. I literarily came home from Australia, wrote three exams, bought Christmas presents, attended four Christmas parties, recovered from Christmas, then it was New Years Eve! In the next few days it will be time to head back to school and finish my last semester of my undergrad. It is hard to believe how fast the past three years of my undergrad went. It feels like just yesterday Vince & I were  hanging pictures on my walls in my apartment, only to take them down in a few months!

I want to do big things this year in regards to diabetes.  Change perspectives and help people living with type one feel accepted as well as teach them about obtaining opportunities and creating a strong diabetes community around them whether that is through the internet or in person. I feel like getting type one diabetes is science, yet at the same time I see it as a gift, something that I don't think anyone can understand unless they are living with diabetes.

So here is to 2014 and we will see where it takes me & what it brings!



  1. hi kayla,
    i was wondering what you basal rates are . and I noticed you use the bayer usb . so you don't use the meters that link to the Medtronic ? Do you manually enter your bg into your pump with each reading? do you use the carelink software a lot ?
    sorry for so many questions,
    Katie Jane

    1. Hi Katie!

      My basal rates vary and depends on what type of month I am having. For instance, when I was training for Kilimanjaro they were decreased a lot. During school they are a bit higher since I spend more time sitting at a desk etc.

      I used to use the Bayer USB but switched back to the Link when I went to Kili, beacause it was much easier for travelling. So I have been using the link since. I did use to just type in my b/g manually - which is a pain, but I liked the set up of the USB meter.

      I don't use carelink a lot, but I do use it. Usually before a doctor's appointment I will use it the most, just because I know they will be looking at it, and I want to be in the loop when we talk about it.

      Hope this helos!

    2. so do you have several basal rates on a typical day? like say for dawn phenomenon

      Katie Jane

    3. I have two basal rates right now. I don't have the dawn phenomenon. Actually I am quite opposite. I need less insulin for the early morning 2am until about lunch time. Then I need more after lunch and for the evening. Everyone is different. Are you looking at getting a pump is that why you're curious?