5K to 10K

5K to 10K

This portion of the blog is dedicated to my journey into running, but more significantly running with diabetes.  As most people know, exercise and diabetes can be challenging.  I have accomplished 5k with the help of the iPhone app "Couch to 5K" but, now it's time to train for the 10K! I am using an app made by the same company 'Zen Labs" that helps train from 5K to 10K in 6 weeks. 

I am adding a section to each run that includes 'Lessons Learned' in which I will highlight something I learned on that specific run! 

[Week 9] Day 1 

Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk, then jog for 10 minutes, walk for 1 minute (repeat 4 times) then 5 minute cool-down 

Starting blood sugar: 18.1 mmol/L 

Ending blood sugar: 13.8 mmol/L

Overall feeling: I was nervous about this because it is the start of something new. Longer runs, and a longer distance. I focused on pacing myself because I knew that I had to keep moving for 54 minutes.  My blood sugar was high to start but I did not wear my insulin pump because I knew that it would bother me. I had fallen down the stairs just previous to leaving for my run, and I was nervous I had maybe hurt myself in a way that would impact my run - however, my stair-injuries seem to relate more to sitting down.  Ouch!  

Lessons Learned: Smile! Just smiling can make the run a lot more enjoyable. I love smiling at the people I pass by, sometimes they smile back and sometimes they ignore me, but regardless, I feel good, someone else feels good, it's just over all good motivation and vibes throughout the run! 

This time includes warm-up and cool-down
[Week 9] Day 2 

Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk, then jog for 10 minutes, walk for 1 minute (repeat 4 times) then 5 minute cool-down 

Starting blood sugar: 6.4 mmol/L 

Ending blood sugar: 6.5 mmol/L

Overall feeling: I had a really bad sleep last night, which resulted in being SUPER tired today. I likely should have just stayed home today, but I wanted to get out there.   My run was awful. Literally, felt like I was going to cry at the end. It is way above seasonal weather right now and I just didn't feel as prepared to run as before. But, I kept pushing and figured a run is better than no run.

Lessons Learned: Prepare before you leave! I somewhat rushed out of the door because I wanted to get my run over with, because I was so tired. I forgot to put my sports bra on and I wore capris, when I could have worn shorts.  On my run I was not only less 'supported' but also super warm.  Lesson learned.

This time includes warm-up and cool-down. 

[Week 9] Day 3

Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk, then jog for 10 minutes, walk for 1 minute (repeat 4 times) then 5 minute cool-down 

Starting blood sugar: 10.4 mmol/L 

Ending blood sugar: 4.9 mmol/L

Overall feeling: I was feeling a bit unmotivated, this weather has been really strange. It has been cool and rainy these past two days and I was feeling sick yesterday. I didn't want to keep delaying my run because I knew that would make it worse for my motivation.  This run was so-so.  They are a lot longer than my previous runs which takes a lot of self motivating and energy.  I am slowly getting used to at least getting to the 7 km mark. I didn't wear my pump, which is good because I am verging on a low at the moment!

Lessons Learned: Keep your mind busy. The longer the runs the more time space you need to cover.  I listen to music and I find changing up the music is important to keep things interesting but also filling your mind with good thoughts. I try to think about stuff that takes my mind off the physical feeling of running and focuses on happy thoughts to keep time going.  This may involve planning things I want to do this weekend, on my upcoming trip, what I want to do when I get home etc.

This time includes warm up and cool down.

An Update!

I have continued my 10k training, but without the assistance of the program until warmer weather.  Instead, I have joined a gym and have been learning to love/tolerate treadmill running!

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